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Louminology brings you natural, high-quality skincare products that nurture and enhance your skin's natural beauty. Our luxury products are sustainable, effective, and suitable for all skin types. 

Louminology is dedicated to bringing you natural, high-quality ingredients that nurture the skin and encourage the natural beauty within all of us to shine.

At Louminology, our goal is to provide the best luxury skincare products that are natural, effective, and as luxurious as they are sustainable. Our products are formulated to work effortlessly for everyone, no matter your age, skin type, or environment. Whether you travel frequently and need a reliable skincare routine, or you like to take your time and pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home, our products give you everything you need for a complete brightening and anti-aging luxury skincare routine that lets your inner light shine.

The Louminous Collection


When our founder Leah Hollender set out to create Louminology, she had a few objectives in mind. To start, she wanted luxury skincare products that were clean and environmentally friendly with sustainably-sourced ingredients that were gentle enough to be used every day for all skin types. She also wanted products that would be effective and contain unique, scientifically-proven luxury skincare ingredients that give both instant and long-term effects for healthier, brighter, and younger-looking skin. In essence, she wanted her products to be a perfect union between nature and science with natural ingredients that had data and research to back up their effectiveness.

In addition to the luxury skincare ingredients themselves, the outside of the product was just as important as the inside. Taking care of our skin is an act of self-care, and at Louminology, we want you to feel good about yourself each and every time you use our products. To create an effortless feeling of luxury while performing your daily skincare routine, Louminology serums come with no-mess, easy-to-use droppers in elegant bottles and moisturizers like La Crema Deluxe come with a hygienic metal spoon for sanitary application.

  • Natural, sustainable, and ethically-sourced luxury skincare ingredients.
  • Luxury skincare products that are gentle, safe for all skin types, and can be used every day.
  • Effective luxury skincare products with both instant and long-term results
  • Multi-benefit, easy-to-use products that invoke a sense of indulgence and self-care.


      Leah found inspiration for her luxury skincare products when she visited the Swiss Alps. She was moved by native botanicals such as Alpine Rose and Edelweiss whose beauty persevered and thrived despite growing at extreme altitudes and temperatures. Working closely with a team of Swiss chemists, Leah set out to harness the very power that helped these plants thrive by incorporating their extracts into a skincare formulation. If these plants contained properties that helped them not only survive but excel amid such environmental stress, what might they do for our skin?

      The Swiss botanical extracts featured in Louminology’s natural skincare products contain a high concentration of compounds such as Alpine Rose Extract, amino acids, and other powerful antioxidants. When applied topically, these luxury skincare ingredients help protect the skin against environmental damage such as toxins and UV exposure, brighten uneven skin tone, firm and plump the skin, and nourish the skin from within to foster an overall healthier complexion.

      In addition to potent Swiss Alp botanical extracts, Louminology luxury skincare products are also formulated with tried and true ingredients in their most pure and most stable form. Skincare ingredients such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and water, for instance, are not all created equally, and our luxury skincare contains special formulations of these ingredients to allow them to efficiently penetrate the skin. Learn more about our Swiss glacier water, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid in Skinology 101 .

      • Luxury skincare products formulated by a team of Swiss chemists who are committed to high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients and rigorous clinical testing based on advanced research.
      • Louminology features natural skincare ingredients that contain potent extracts taken from native plants of the Swiss Alps where they are exposed to constant environmental stress
      • High-quality and effective luxury skincare ingredients such as Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, and Swiss glacier water

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          Louminology brings you natural, high-quality skincare products that nurture and enhance your skin's natural beauty. Our luxury products are sustainable, effective, and suitable for all skin types. 

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