“I wanted my products to be easy to use and customizable, whether you like to take your time with your skincare routine or want to keep it quick. I also wanted my products to be intuitive— something that would feel elegant as I applied them and leave a noticeable effect on my complexion. The great thing about Louminology products is that they can be used together and layered without compromising the effectiveness of their ingredients. You can also use them alone or switch between using certain ones in the AM and others in the PM.”

- Leah Hollender

“When I look at the areas of my body that have not been constantly exposed to the sun, I first notice how naturally smooth and supple the skin is. My goal was to create products that bring back the skin's natural beauty that would be there if it weren't for the inevitable everyday stressors we all face.

Before using Louminology, my skin was very dull and dehydrated. My biggest concerns were sunspots, skin texture, and repairing and protecting my skin barrier. Like many, I spent a lot of time outdoors in my youth, which caused sun damage, leaving my skin with uneven texture and tone. After following my Louminology skincare routine, my skin texture, tone, and overall complexion have changed entirely. I have smoother skin, more hydrated and firm, and my complexion is always glowing. My sunspots have also greatly diminished.”


Louminology products are formulated to be used with any skin type, tone, and texture and are pH balanced, meaning you can mix and match.

Here is how our founder Leah likes to incorporate them into her skincare routine.

I like to keep my morning skincare routine simple and start by splashing my face with some water instead of using a cleanser. I apply the Illuminessensce C serum for its antioxidant benefits by gently massaging it and applying any extra to my neck. Afterward, I follow up with the Wonderose Serum to boost skin cell renewal, the Precious Pearl Serum for its instant firming effect, and finish with the La Crema Deluxe Moisturizer to hydrate and protect my skin's barrier.If I plan on going out for the day, I apply the Precious Pearl Serum last for the instant firming effect, and my skin beams with radiant light. I mostly wear it in place of makeup. I pay special attention to my T-zone, where I make sure to apply the Precious Pearl Serum since it has our Iris Skin Refiner that reduces shine and helps regulate oil production, and this is an area that tends to get oily throughout the day.

At night, I cleanse my face and pat it dry before starting my routine. On some nights, I begin with the Illuminessensce C Serum, despite it being intended for morning use. I enjoy it so much that I use it in the evenings to give my skin an extra dose of antioxidants. Next, I apply the Wonderose Serum, which helps repair and initiate new skin cells. It is especially important overnight as this is when our skin does most of its regeneration. I then apply the Precious Pearl Serum to help tighten and tone before I seal everything in with the La Crema Deluxe Moisturizer.

*Bonus tips
On nights when I need extra moisture and hydration, I let my serums absorb for a few minutes, and then I slightly dampen my face before applying La Crema Deluxe. It's formulated with moisturizing humectants like White Truffle extract and Hyaluronic Acid, and doing this gives it some extra hydration to bind onto the surface of the skin. I especially love doing this during the dry winter months, and I always wake up with bouncy, radiant skin.