We believe skincare is self-care. It has the power to lift you up and brighten your day. 

We’re on a mission to empower you to embrace your natural beauty and face the world with naked skin—all with natural, science-backed ingredients that give you immediate results and long-term protection. 

Every product is formulated with high-quality, ethically sourced Swiss ingredients that illuminate your skin, reduce inflammation, and provide preventative care for healthy skin at any age.


We believe that skincare is only as good as the science behind it. With a team of Swiss chemists and dermatologist-recommended ingredients, we have carefully curated a range of products using cutting-edge scientific research and professional-grade formulations. You can trust that every product we offer has been rigorously tested and proven to deliver results.


"As a Board-Certified Dermatologist with over 20 years of experience in the science of skincare, I am constantly seeking out products that not only meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy but also offer a truly transformative experience for my patients.

What sets Louminology apart is its commitment to harnessing the power of nature in skincare. This is a unique skincare line that is suitable for all skin types, extracting nature's remedies for optimal skin health. From improved skin hydration and texture to a visibly brighter and improved complexion, these products consistently deliver on their promises. In a world saturated with skincare options, Louminology stands out as a shining example of quality, luxury, and efficacy. With Louminology, you're investing in a journey to radiant and healthy, rejuvenated skin."

Jennifer T. Haley, MD FAAD
Board Certified Dermatologist
Host of Radiance Revealed Podcast


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Nourish Your Skin with Science

We also believe in transparency when it comes to the ingredients we use. You'll find a detailed list of all the ingredients we use and more detailed information in our Skinology-101, along with explanations of how they benefit your skin, their history, and the science behind them. No hidden chemicals or mystery chemicals—just pure, clinically-tested ingredients.

In Vitro Studies and User Trials

We go above and beyond with our commitment to science, which is why we conduct extensive clinical trials to ensure the efficacy of each skincare solution to ensure our products maintain their potency and remain shelf stable to provide the best results possible. 

Our clinically-tested results will give you the confidence that our products are backed by scientific evidence.

Expert Guidance by Estheticians. 

Skincare is not one-size-fits-all. That's why we have estheticians on staff to provide personalized advice and recommendations. Whether you're dealing with dull skin, acne, aging, or other specific skin concerns, we have the expertise to guide you towards the right products and routine for your unique skin needs. Click here to ask our Esthetician.

Sustainable Practices 

We care not only about your skin but also about the planet. Our commitment to sustainability means that we strive to reduce our environmental footprint through responsible sourcing and eco-friendly packaging.


When Leah visited the Swiss Alps, she was inspired by the native botanicals whose beauty seemed to flourish despite the harsh environment in which they grew. After searching for ingredients that were truly natural yet effective, she discovered that the same properties that protected the native plants of the Swiss Alps could also bring out the brilliance of our own skin.

Backed by in vitro studies and extensive research, extracts from plants grown in the Swiss Alps have been found to contain a higher concentration of antioxidants, growth factors, and other compounds that protect the plant and ward off environmental stress such as UV damage, toxins, and pollution. When applied to the skin, they offer the same powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 


“I want to show the world that you can stay true to yourself, have a good heart, be caring, and go after your dreams.

Don’t let anything or anyone dim your light."

- Leah Hollender


In a world of artificial images and synthetic cosmetics, it takes someone who grew up without those influences to build a truly authentic cosmetics brand. Beauty cannot be added, only revealed, and that’s precisely what Leah discovered in her career. After working in the skincare industry for 17 years, her appreciation for innate beauty empowered her to truly unveil it in others. It all began with an upbringing that eschewed conventional beauty marketing.

Born in Brooklyn into an ultra-Orthodox Hassidic Jewish family, Leah grew up completely isolated from the secular world. She was one of 11 children, making it hard to stand out. Throughout her childhood, she heard messages that girls and women must be unseen, silently performing their roles as daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. Educational opportunities were limited.

But Leah dreamed of living a life where she could shine — and help others do so as well.

At 16, Leah began working for a jewelry company, where her spark of entrepreneurship first appeared. A newfound work ethic gave her confidence as she began to consider her future. However, the community frowned upon women having careers. Meanwhile, her family arranged her marriage for her, and Leah wed her husband after meeting him just 2 times. Little did she realize she was marrying her soul mate… someone who would become a true partner on her remarkable path.

As Leah fell in love and had two wonderful children with her husband, inklings of doubt began sprouting. The family decided to move away from a strictly religious lifestyle. This radical change led to a new mindset. Finally, Leah was ready to embrace her deep-seated ambition and charitable nature.

Despite not having grown up with fashion magazines or models on TV —or perhaps because of it— Leah soon discovered her talent for skin care. To her, cosmetics should reveal beauty from within. Reflecting on her conservative upbringing, she wanted to help each individual unveil their unique luminescence.

Throughout her first 17 years in the industry, she witnessed countless customers using harsh formulas that damaged their skin and hid their natural beauty. She also saw that many products were neither ethical nor sustainable.

Remembering her childhood goal to help others stand out, Leah imagined a clean cosmetics brand that would give people the chance to shine. A friend suggested that she launch her own line, and with that, the spark ignited… and Louminology was born.

Leah embarked on a two-year journey with the best Swiss chemists and ingredients she could find. Together, they perfected ethical, potent formulas that would illuminate one’s innate beauty. The products would help the skin regenerate its own natural moisture, hydration, and barriers for true vibrance.

Louminology’s mission is to give everyone access to skincare products that reveal their true selves…and inspire them to choose their own path toward happiness.

Meanwhile, Leah learned a powerful lesson that infused her new brand: stay true to yourself, even if the world throws everything in your way. With passion, perseverance, and perfection, anything is possible…and your inner light is that much brighter.

Leah’s journey is resounding proof that beauty does indeed come from within. Ethically produced, illuminating skincare products simply bring it to the surface. It becomes the outer reflection of the confidence and contentment that we achieve when we embrace our authentic selves.

And so, Louminology expresses this truth: BEAUTY IS THE SCIENCE OF SELF-LOVE.

Bright and beautiful is in your nature. No matter your age or skin type, Louminology products can brighten and ward off signs of aging as well as help repair and replenish previously damaged skin.

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So it is not all physics. No doubt, we also have a powerful light inside. We are luminous beings. Who we are is made evident to others in our bodies. Skin reflects the sun but also the soul; it’s a two-sided mirror. That is why beautiful people just glow.

The science of beauty is the science of studying human light. We call that science louminology, and we´ll use it to make you shine wherever you go.




Beauty is not an ideal but a science. It is about looking at yourself in the right light. It is about being who you are, freely, no matter what.

That's why our collection has the highest quality active and unique ingredients.

We treat light as an ingredient, that’s why you are the secret active that makes our formulas work.